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Gallery 2 - The Main Line

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Sounding Arch
165 102 at Maidenhead
166 108 at Maidenhead
Adelante at Maidenhead
360 204 at Hayes
Interior of 360 204
HST at Maidenhead
Signals at
Sir Lamiel
Winton sculpture
Eddie King
166221 at Maidenhead
Reading viaduct

  1. The Sounding Arch - Brunel's bridge over the Thames at Maidenhead built in 1838. Maidenhead road bridge can be seen beyond. The plaque (next picture) is on the right hand (East) side of the bridge and can be seen from the Thames Path.
  2. The plaque on the Sounding Arch.
  3. Thames Turbo 165 102 pauses at Maidenhead Station with an Oxford working on 19th August 2004. (Photo: Nigel Hunt)
  4. 166 108 calls at platform 2 at Maidenhead with a Paddington service on 12th March 2005. The relief lines were closed for track maintenance, and barriers have been placed along the edge of platform 3.
  5. An FGW Adelante unit approaches Maidenhead on 12th March 2005. A premanent way train can be seen in the distance on the relief lines.
  6. 360 204 arrives at Hayes & Harlington with a Heathrow Connect service to Paddington on 15th July 2005. Note the newly painted Mind the Gap warnings along the platform edge, necessitated be the enormous height difference between the train footboard and the platform edge. It is extremely difficult for elderly and mobility impaired people to get on and off.
  7. The interior of 360 204. Note the spartan, very upright seats, very few facing seats, lack of opening windows and air conditioning (which was too cold for summer clothing).
  8. Waiting passengers watch as an HST passes the partly demolished Platform 1 at Maidenhead on 18th August 2005.
  9. Signals at the London end of platforms 4/5a at Maidenhead on 09.11.2006.
    S173 on the left is an older three-aspect signal with twin filiament bulbs. The subsidiary signal permits access to the siding beyond.
    The ground signal between the siding and the up relief line allows exit from the siding into platform 5. Note that the points are set so that should a train pass the signal at danger it will run into the siding and not onto the running lines. The catch points will derail a train attempting to leave the siding while a route is set between platform 5 and the relief line.
    S105 is a recently installed LED signal which has one head showing red, yellow and green aspects. A four-aspect signal requires a second head to show double yellow.
    The "feather" on top of each signal is illuminated when a route is set over the crossover onto the up main line. The crossover is just out of sight round the bend.
    The ground signal between the up and down relief lines is used for shunting movements between the up relief line and platform 5. A London bound HST has just passed on the up main line.
  10. Battle of Britain class 34067 Tangmere approaches Shottesbrook with a railtour on 11th July 2007.
  11. King Arthur class 30777 Sir Lamiel powers away from Maidenhead with the Cathedrals Express railtour on 11th October 2008. The photo was taken from Breadcroft Lane bridge.
  12. Lydia Karpinska’s sculpture of Sir Nicholas Winton facing platform 3 at Maidenhead Station.
  13. DR73905 EDDIE KING - Plasser & Theurer 08-4x4/4S-RT Switch & Crossing Tamper at Maidenhead on 09.04.2010.
  14. Peppercorn A1 Class, 60163 Tornado passes Foundation park with the down Cathedrals Express railtour to Worcester on 26th November 2011. Networker Turbo 165109 has just passed on the up Relief with the 0848 Reading to Paddington.
  15. GWR steam railmotor comes off the Brentford branch at Southall on 18.10.2014. (Rob Latham)
  16. Recently refreshed and reliveried Turbo Express unit 166221 Reading Traincare Depot calls at Maidenhead on 22.11.2014 with 165116 behind. Demolition of the platform canopies in preparation for electrification is under way.
  17. The first service train over the new viaduct west of Reading. 1C05 Paddington to Penzance has departed Reading at 08:38 on 04.01.2015. (Network Rail)

Photographs © 2004 - 2015 Richard Porter except as noted.

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