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Emergency Measures Agreement Extended

Dear MMPA Members,

You may have seen media reports following FirstGroup’s announcement of an extension of GWR’s Emergency Measures Agreement.  In case you haven’t I have included a link to the report in the Evening Standard here

We are pleased that the Government has taken this decision. It ensures that we can continue to operate during the current situation, providing services that are essential to restarting the economy. Our responsibility is to run a service that our customers and our partners can rely on, and we have taken sensible measures to make sure customers can travel by train with confidence. This means we can continue to run this key part of the nation’s railway in a safe and sustainable way as the country takes the next steps in responding to the situation.

Importantly, it also means we can look to the future and continue to develop and deliver our plans for improvements for our customers and communities. We look forward to working with you on this and we are grateful for the support and encouragement that you have given to our teams as they have worked to keep services running throughout the last six months.

Best wishes

Matthew Golton 
Interim Managing Director, GWR

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Last updated 1st September, 2020