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The Marlow - Maidenhead Passengers' Association is the public transport user group - bus and train - in the area served by the Maidenhead to Marlow railway line in the Thames Valley including its former route into High Wycombe. We cover main line services from Taplow, Maidenhead and Twyford as well as High Wycombe station. The Association’s Constitution may be viewed here.

We lobby the operators and local government on behalf of users to improve services and facilities, and we bring you timely information regarding proposed and actual service changes.

The more members we have the stronger is our voice in fighting for your interests. For more about the benefits of membership and an application form please visit the Membership Page or e-mail us.
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Timetable Downloads (PDF)

Until 19 May 2018

Chiltern Railways
T8 Reading & Didcot Parkway to Oxford and Banbury
T10 London to Greenford, Heathrow, Reading and Didcot Parkway (local trains) (cover)
T12 Maidenhead - Marlow

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Live signalling diagram Twyford - West Drayton (from

Compensation for Delays

For information see GWR’s web site or download the Delay Compensation Form (PDF).

For Chiltern Railways please see their Contact Us page.

HTML Timetables
until 19 May 2018
Marlow Branch
Maidenhead Connections
from 20 May 2018
Marlow Branch

Service Disruptions
Journey Check 165134 crosses Cock Marsh
Unit 165134 crosses Cock Marsh on 6.4.2013. Click photo to enlarge.
© 2013 R. Porter
IET 800008 at Paddington 15.10.2017
Intercity Express units 800 008 and 009 prepare for the launch into public service with the 07:00 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads on Monday 16th October. On the right 57604 “Pendennis Castle” is about to leave with the empty “Night Riviera” stock. (R. Porter)

Mobile Ticketing rolled out across GWR

Smartphone tickets are now available for many GWR journeys, through updated apps for iOS and Android. These include most single and return fares but not season tickets or London Travelcards. The tickets display QR codes which will open the gates where scanners are provided - usually only at one gate so far. At the moment scanners are not available at many stations with gatelines so visual inspection is necessary. We found a number of teething problems which we hope will soon be sorted out, including using the wallet to pay for tickets.

Update: GWR has advised us that mobile tickets cannot be delivered for journeys to Paddington until QR code readers have been installed on the gatelines for platforms 10/11 and 12/14.

More Capacity from May 20

GWR is making a few timetable changes in May which should provide more capacity for Maidenhead and Twyford. The 0730 Maidenhead to Paddington will become 12 coaches. The 0802 will be 12 coaches and will start from Twyford (0752) instead of Didcot Parkway. In the evening the 1749 from Paddington may be retimed to 1742 to even up loadings. The 1842 will be retimed to 1836 and could be extended to 12 coaches.

GWR is seeking approval to retime evening branch services to provide a 6-minute connection. 1713 through to 2043 would be retimed to 1716 to 2046.

Cookham Station

The temporary ticket office is now in operation. We understand that the Gents toilet has been kept in service and the Ladies has now been offered back to GWR for use. Network Rail has put out a tender for the repair of the station areas affected by dry rot, and they are hoping that work will be completed in the summer.

Ticket Machines for Marlow and Cookham

GWR will be installing ticket vending machines (TVMs) at Cookham and Marlow in December. They will be card-only (and probably NFC) .

Update: The installation was put back to February due to procurement problems, but they still haven't appeared. GWR has a fraqnchise committment to install TVMs by end December 2018.

Taplow Footbridge Saga

We’re grateful to Mark Langman, Western Route MD at Network Rail for the latest news. Network Rail and its insurers have decided that the old bridge is not repairable. However, following representations from MMPA, NR and TfL have agreed to extend the fully accessible replacement bridge to span all four lines between the north and south car parks. We pointed out that without a lift on the south side, wheelchair users would need to make a dangerous journey through the railway underbridge where there’s no footpath and a history of flooding, in order to get to the new shopping centre and bus stops.

Update Crossrail wants to build the new footbridge where the temporary footbridge is now, which means they will have to erect a new temporary footbridge where the old footbridge was. The new footbridge will be extend to platform 1 and the southern car park but will not have a lift at that side. Space will be left for a lift to be installed at a later date, but no committment was made.

Save Money by Splitting Your Ticket

If you buy an anytime return ticket to Paddington you may save money by splitting your ticket at Slough, as long as you travel on trains which stop at Slough. For example the anytime return fare from Bourne End to Paddington is £25.70 but a ticket from Bourne End to Slough (£6.80) plus a ticket from Slough to Paddington (£16.60) saves you £2.30. With an anytime travelcard you would save £3.40 (Jan 2018 fares).

There are no such savings on off-peak or season tickets. However if you have a railcard and need to travel up in the morning peak then an anytime single plus a reduced off-peak single to come back may save you money.

May Timetables Available

The new GWR timetables valid from 20th May should be available at staffed stations. There are minor changes to the Marlow branch on weekdays. The Sunday service has been shifted by a few minutes and will change again on 16th September.

Chiltern has a limited supply of the timetable booklets but they will be under the counter and you will need to ask. We expect to be sending the smaller High Wycombe leaflets to members who have requested them.

GWR to Operate Heathrow Express

Great Western Railway has concluded a contract to take over the operation of the Heathrow Express from the end of 2019. The Heathrow infrastructure will continue to be owned by Heathrow Airport Limited. GWR will be using 12 of the new Class 387 Electrostars which will be converted with first class accommodation and extra luggage racks. Some of these units are surplus because of delays and cancellations of electrification projects by the Secretary of State, Chris Grayling - notably Didcot Parkway to Oxford and and the Henley and Windsor branches.

GWR will also be getting some Class 769 units to fill the gap. These are ex-Thameslink Class 319 units which are being fitted with diesel engines and fuel tanks under two of the four coaches. They are three years older than the Thames Turbos they will be replacing. It is likely that Class 769s will be used on the Windsor and Henley branches and fopr the peak Maidenhead - Bourne End shuttle. 2-car Class 165 units will be retained for the Marlow and Greenford branches.

The reasoning behind the move is that Heathrow Express is required to vacate its depot at Old Oak Common to make way for the new HS2 station. The original plan was to relocate to a new depot at Langley, but the new arrangement means that the 387s can continue to be maintained at Reading Traincare Depot. The current Heathrow Express Class 332 units are likely to be scrapped.

The Heathrow Connect Class 360 units will also go, being replaced by Elizabeth Line Class 345 trains which will run from both terminals to Abbey Wood (see next item). The HST depot at Old Oak Common has already been evaucated, as HSTs are being replaced by Class 800 bi-mode trains. The remaining HSTs are maintained at other depots on the network.

Crossrail Service Details

MTR have released details of indicative service levels from December 2019 (see diagram). The peak service could be as follows (tph = trains per hour):

  • 2tph RDG-TWY-MAI-SLO-WDT-EAL-PAD-all stations to ABW
  • 2tph RDG-ABW all stations except HAN, AML
  • 2tph MAI-ABW all stations except HAN, AML
  • 2tph HWV-ABW all stations except AML
  • 4tph HAF-ABW all stations
  • 12tph PAD-SNF all stations
  • 4tph LST High Level-SRA-all stations to GDP

Tickets will be fully interoperable with TfL and franchise services. Travelcards covering zone 6 will be valid to Heathrow terminals on Elizbeth Line services, but separate fares to Heathrow will apply to single journeys.

Bourne End Latest

Network Rail has advised us that the surveys for the new chord are complete and the findings are being “drawn together”. Network Rail is due to meet GWR and its contractor (Atkins) in the next month to “understand the output of the surveys”.


Crossed Legs on Crossrail Campaign

Unlike our current GWR trains or the North-South Thameslink trains, the new East-West Elizabeth Line trains will have no toilets and very limited, mostly inwards-facing seats. A 9-car Crossrail train will have fewer seats than a 5-car Turbo. Click on the image to enlarge.

Older News

Bourne End in 1947

Bourne End looking North-East in 1947. The bay platform for the “Marlow Donkey” is on the left.


Thursday 17th May, 20:00 - Marlow and District Railway Society, Bourne End Community Centre: Guest speaker: Adrian Shooter, Viva Rail.

Sunday 20th May - New timetables start.

Thursday 24th May, 18:00-20:30 - Crossrail: a new artery for the UK. IET Lecture by Paul Stanford, Route Delivery Director, Network Rail at Reading UTC. 18:30 start.

Monday 21st May, 19:30 - RCTS, Cox Green Community Centre: The Docklands Light Railway, an illustrated presentation by Mark Davis.

Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd June - Rail Live, Long Marston. Outdoor rail show.

Saturday 10th November - Railfuture Autumn Converence, Novotel Reading. Details here

GWR Report to the AGM 2018

Download PDF

Intercity Express - First Impressions

IET Launch, 16th October 2017

Big Housing Developments Need Public Transport

Housing developments are proposed for Slate Meadow. Bourne End (250 houses) and in the field behind the Garibaldi, accessed through Holland Farm (500 houses). The roads are very narrow, Cookham Bridge a major problem , Bourne End Parade not easy, Hedsor Road already tough. This clearly brings public transport into the frame in a big way and MMPA is on the case!

The group responsible is Keep Bourne End Green.

Electrifying the Branch

Obstacles and Opportunities

A personal view (html) by Richard Porter.

Could High Wycombe Line Be Reopened?

Read this article from the Bucks Free Press.

Latest MMPA Newsletter

Newsletter 178, May 2018 (PDF)

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Latest Railfuture Newsletter

No. 93, January 2018 (PDF)

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