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The Marlow - Maidenhead Passengers' Association is the public transport user group - bus and train - in the area served by the Maidenhead to Marlow railway line in the Thames Valley including its former route into High Wycombe. We cover main line services from Taplow, Maidenhead and Twyford as well as High Wycombe station. The Association’s Constitution may be viewed here.

We lobby the operators and local government on behalf of users to improve services and facilities, and we bring you timely information regarding proposed and actual service changes.

The more members we have the stronger is our voice in fighting for your interests. For more about the benefits of membership and an application form please visit the Membership Page or e-mail us.
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Timetable Downloads (PDF)

From 21 May until 31 December 2017
* from 04 September

Chiltern Railway
E1 London to Greenford, Heathrow Airport and Reading (Local services) *
E2 London and Reading to Oxford and Banbury (Stopping services)
E3 London Paddington, Slough and Reading to Oxford (Fast services)
E8 London Paddington to Maidenhead and Marlow *
E9 Twyford to Henley-on-Thames *

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Live signalling diagram Twyford - West Drayton

Compensation for Delays

For information see GWR’s web site or download the Delay Compensation Form (PDF).

For Chiltern Railways please see their Contact Us page.

HTML Timetables
Marlow Branch from 04 Sept

Service Disruptions
Journey Check 165134 crosses Cock Marsh
Unit 165134 crosses Cock Marsh on 6.4.2013. Click photo to enlarge.
© 2013 R. Porter

GWR Seniors Promotion

GWR is offering 50% discounts off standard class single fares for Senior Railcard holders who book before 29th September for travel up to 8th December. More details here.

TfL Not Renewing Uber Licence

Transport for London has decided not to renew Uber’s licence to operate within the Greater London Area when it expires at the end of September, citing “a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications,”. Uber is entitled to appeal and can continue to opeate until the appeals process has been exhausted.

Runour Mill

This is third hand information so treat with caution. Network Rail could be thinking about closing the branch for two to three months for a complete infrastructure upgrade including the proposed Bourne End modifications. Replacement bus services would operate. This makes sense although it will be painful when it happens. We have previously been told that there would be no major expenditure on the branch before 2024. Watch this space!

New GWR Timetables from 4th September

GWR has revised its timetables starting on Monday 4th September. We have sent printed copies to members who have opted to receive them. These comprise QuickCards 4 and 5 (Paddington to Maidenhead and Maidenhhead to Twyford and Reading) as well as timetables E1 and E8. There are a few changes to peak timings on the Marlow branch, but off-peak and weekend services are unaltered.

New Portable Ticket Machines

New portable ticket machines are now in use the branch, replacing the troublesome Avantix Mobile machines. The system uses a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to handle NFC (co-called “contactless”) payments with separate devices to select the fare and print the ticket.

Update: There is a problem with the new printers that could have been forseen. They can hold a stock of 125 blank tickets. A return ticket paid for on a card or mobile phone uses up three blanks, and with NFC payments being much faster than cash or chip-and-pin the tickets run out more quickly. To reload the printer the guard has to return to one of the cabs, and this can take 4 or 5 minutes - longer than it takes to travel between two stations. We are told that the guard could carry a spare pack of ticket blanks which would take only about 30 seconds to load, but this is not always happening. Receipts do not need to be provided for NFC payments unless requested.

High Wycombe P1 Stopping Position

Update: Chiltern has informed us that Network Rail has quoted a price of £250,000 for installing a banner repeater which would show drivers the signal aspect when the starting signal is obscured by the new footbridge. This looks to us like a “we don’t want to do it” price. Chiltern does not have the resources to fund this at present.

Save Money by Splitting Your Ticket

If you buy an anytime return ticket to Paddington you may save money by splitting your ticket at Slough, as long as you travel on trains which stop at Slough. For example the anytime return fare from Bourne End to Paddington is £24.90 but a ticket from Bourne End to Slough (£6.60) plus a ticket from Slough to Paddington (£16.10) saves you £2.20. With an anytime travelcard you would save £3.50.

There are no such savings on off-peak or season tickets. However if you have a railcard and need to travel up in the morning peak then an anytime single plus a reduced off-peak single to come back may save you money.

Cookham Station Ticket Office

Relief could be at hand. We understand that a Portacabin is on the way. The station building has been closed for remedial work after dry rot was discovered. The building is the responsibility of Network Rail.

Twyford Station Relocation?

We've heard of a suggestion to relocate Twyford station to the East to make way for housing. Naturally residents and station users are up in arms about it, fuelled by the local press. We think this is a non-starter because of the disruption it would cause. How, for example, do you get Henley branch trains under the road bridge without having to run on the up relief line?

Surprise Fare Hike

Travelcard fares have gone up by about 5% this month, apparently because the TfL component increased. This is surprising because London Mayor Sadiq Kahn had promised to hold TfL fares for the whole of his four year term.

Ticket Machines for Marlow and Cookham

GWR will be installing ticket vending machines (TVMs) at Cookham and Marlow in December. They will accept card and NFC payments only.

Bourne End Progress

GWR has awarded a contract to Atkins who are undertaking GRIP 1-3* work on the scheme to increase capacity. This will be in two phases: Phase A commencing this week is to design the track layout and to assess whether it will fit within the existing Network Rail land, and Phase B to complete the design up to GRIP 3 (Option selection). Topographical surveys will be undertaken during times when a replacement bus service is running because of Crossrail work at Maidenhead.

* GRIP is Network Rail’s process, Governance of Rail Investment Projects.

Update: The surveys have still not been completed and the date we are given is now sometime in October.

WDC Funds Study into Reopening Link

Wycombe District Council has backed a £100,000 high level feasibility study over two years into the possibility of reinstating the Bourne End tp High Wycombe line which was closed by BR in 1970 after employing devious ploys to reduce travel. The funding comes from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Which? Campaign for Better Rail Services

Consumer magazine Which? is running a campaign to demand a better rail service. You can sign their petition here.

Extra Stops at Taplow

We've been alerted to three extra stops at Taplow by fast trains to and from Paddington on weekdays. These are 0746 to Slough and Paddington, 0846 (from Bourne End) to Slough, Southall and Paddington, and 1810 Paddington to Henley-on-Thames (1842 at Taplow).

We understand that this is a temporary arrangement to relieve pressure on Maidenhead because of the closure of Silco Drive car park until the end of September.

Older News

Bourne End in 1947

Bourne End looking North-East in 1947. The bay platform for the “Marlow Donkey” is on the left.


Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September - London Transport Museum Depot Open Weekend, Acton Town.

Monday 25th September, 19:30 - RCTS, Cox Green Community Centre: Crossrail Update - The Elizabeth Line by Patrick Griffith, Crossrail Insurance and Information Manager.

Thursday 19th October, 20:00 - Marlow and District Railway Society, Bourne End Community Centre.

Monday 1st January 2018 - new timetable; start of electric services between Paddington and Didcot Parkway.

Saturday 6th January 10:00 - 17:00 - Maidenhead Model Railway Exhibition, Cox Green Community Centre, Highfield Lane. Marlow, Maidenhead & District Model Railway Club

Big Housing Developments Need Public Transport

Housing developments are proposed for Slate Meadow. Bourne End (250 houses) and in the field behind the Garibaldi, accessed through Holland Farm (500 houses). The roads are very narrow, Cookham Bridge a major problem , Bourne End Parade not easy, Hedsor Road already tough. This clearly brings public transport into the frame in a big way and MMPA is on the case!

The group responsible can be found at Don’t Destroy Bourne End.

Article: Electrifying the Branch

Obstacles and Opportunities

A personal view (html) by Richard Porter.

Could High Wycombe Line Be Reopened?

Read this article from the Bucks Free Press.

Latest MMPA Newsletter

Newsletter 175, September 2017 (PDF)

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Latest Railfuture Newsletter

No. 92, August 2017 (PDF)

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